1. Do you have daycare liability insurance?
Yes- Our home insurance policy has been extended to cover daycare liability insurance.
2. Do you provide receipts?
Yes- yearly tax receipts will be provided by mid-February for the previous tax year.
3. Do you have first aid and CPR certification?
Yes- I have an up to date First Aid and CPR certificate.
4. Do you provide daily photos and updates?
At the beginning of each month I will send out an e-mail with photos and videos of your child attached for you to view from the previous month.
5. Do you have any pets?
Yes- right now we have 2 middle aged cats that are rarely seen and 3 fish.
6. Do you smoke?
No- we are a smoke free home and ask that you do not smoke or discard your cigarettes on the property.
7. Do you know about and follow Bill 10 (The childcare modernization act)?
Yes- I am very aware of all changes that have been made within childcare in Ontario due to Bill 10 and abide by all required laws and regulations.